User agreement

  • - If you have any questions, you can write or call us

  • - A user can use the function of reserving a table in the restaurant on the websitesite By pressing the button "Reserve a table", the user accepts the rules provided in this agreement.
  • - Reservation of the table can be made both with the advance payment (hereinafter referred to as the "deposit") and without making a deposit (depending on the day in which the reservation is made).
  • - The amount of the deposit payment is set at 1000 rubles, in which the reserving is made.
  • - In "Reserve a table" section of the webite the user selects the date of reserving, the number of persons for which it is necessary to reserve a table, table number, and also enter the necessary information (name, telephone number, e-mail address). The data above is mandatory.
  • - After clicking the "Pay a deposit" button, the user automatically leaves the website and is redirected to the site of the secure Internet payment system Yandex.Kassa (hereinafter "Yandex.Kassa"). On the Yandex.Kassa website, the user chooses the method of payment, enters details and personal data, and makes payment of the Deposit.
  • - After the creation of the reservation (both with a deposit and without making a deposit), the user receives a notification from Nidem LLC about the status of the reservation (confirmed/canceled) via the phone (SMS message) or e-mail specified during the reserving.
  • - The cancellation of the created/confirmed reservation is carried out by the user by phone +7(3522) 650 655
  • - In the event that cancellation of reserving occurs for reasons for which the restaurant is responsible, the deposit is returned to the user by the restaurant in full. In the case of cancellation of the reservation for reasons for which the restaurant does not respond, the deposit is returned after submitting the application within 5 banking days 5% less * of the amount deposited.

Expenses of the enterprise on bank transfer.

"Nidem" LLC is not responsible to the user for the action/inactivity of the Yandex.Kassa system when booking, as well as when canceling the reservation and/or refunding the deposit. LLC "Nidem" is not liable to the user for the safety of data on his bank card, entered during the payment on the Yandex.Kassa website.