В это воскресенье начинаем готовится к Новому году!
2 декабря в 14-00ч ресторан "Meat&Wine" приглашает юных поварят на очередной мастер-класс из "Школы юного поваренка"!
Будем печь булочки и лепить из вкусной мастики!

Exclusive wine, delicious dishes, gallant waiters, pleasant music and a charming lounge vocal and pleasant prices - all this you can find in our restaurant. And the thematic design, executed by talented designers in subdued tones, will add a holiday of elegance, creating a unique atmosphere.

Visitors to our restaurant often respond enthusiastically about the elaborate details and unique interior style. Frankly, the design of the restaurant Meat&Wine was a very laborious work: you had to think through every little thing, so that the result was ideal.